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(2015/AUG/23) - EDIT: Just here to clean up my gallery. All in good time.

(2013/JUL/25) - EDIT: I found successful bots for the dA Chatroom to initiate a variety of RANDOM-NUMBER GENERATING capabilities. The simplest yet useful of commands to mimic the Dice. The latter would replicate the function of the Coin Flip. (This all works in the presence of my bot, RNG-500.)

(2013/AUG/26) - EDIT: Here's my take in DnD-Style RPs.
Simplified Jerridanic Action-Battle RP: DND STYLE
:bulletred: Redcylff-J, Operations Director and Game Master
:bulletblack: 1, Define the game requirements:
:bulletred: Requires a Coin Generator. (OPTIONAL: Dice-based Random-Number Generator)
:bulletred: Choose mode: KO-System or Permakill System
:bulletyellow: KO-System (Recommended for RPers who would not want their characters killed) - Characters here do not die, as the name implies, they are KO'ed and can be brought back within the RPing session.
:bulletyellow: Permakill System (Recommended for RPers willing to fight for the death) - Characters here can DIE, and can only be revived in ONLY ONE ROUND. If not, the character has to be replaced, or declare GAME OVER in the duration of the RP.
:bulletblack: 1.5, The RP is divided into Three Phases: After the Third Phase, it repeats back to the First Phase.
:bulletred: First Phase: Storyline - Describe the settings and the characters - (Functions much like a cutscene, or an event in a video game.)
:bulletred: Second Phase: Battle - Initiate battle within the two RPers - (Would last about at least 5 turns.)
:bulletred: Third Phase: Debriefing - Recover, Recruit, and Resupply for the two RPers - (Would last about at least 5 turns.)
:bulletyellow: HEADS, CONTINUE GAME! (Until the character runs out of HP)
:bulletyellow: TAILS, GAME OVER!
:bulletblack: 2, Create a character, and define his or her abilities.
EXAMPLE: *GENERIC MAGE: Master of Genericism*
Generic Mage HP: 10
Generic Mage Skillset: Genericism
:bulletred: a 2 HP attack spell
:bulletred: a stun / counterattack spell
:bulletred: a 2 HP healing spell
:bulletred: a 5 HP attack spell / barrier spell
:bulletred: (OPTIONAL) Ultimate Ability!
:bulletblack: 3, Use this as an ATTACK FORMAT:
EXAMPLE: *Generic Mage targets THUG*
Generic Mage prepares a BOLT ATTACK! (2 HP Attack Spell)
:bulletred: HEADS, s/he strikes! (Can be elaborated upon)
:bulletred: TAILS, s/he misses! (Can be elaborated upon)
Happy Roleplaying,
- Redclyff-J

WANT TO TRY? Note me, Redcylff-J and request testing the random number generators in the following chatrooms:
:bulletred:… -> #OCroom, Ditto. Much like RoomOCs.
:bulletred: -> #OCTab, Ditto. Much like OCroom and RoomOCs.

Many thanks to all, and Regards!


Princess Kaida, The Amazonian Thunderbreaker by Redcylff-J
Princess Kaida, The Amazonian Thunderbreaker
Her royal highness, the Princess Kaidalina "Thunderbreaker" Grandaria of the lush, vibrant, jungle Kingdom of Grandianiero.

Bullet; Red Health (HP) ----   Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black
Bullet; Red Stamina (SP) ---  Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; BlackBullet; Black
Bullet; Red Attack (ATK) ---   Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; BlackBullet; Black
Bullet; Red Defense (DEF) -   Bullet; BlueBullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black
Bullet; Red Dexterity (DEX) - Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black
Bullet; Red Speed (SPD) ---- Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black

Bullet; Orange Royally Rioan
- Princess Kaida is of royal blood, representing the graceful speed and movement of her jungle domain through her spry and deft characteristics. Her allies should also experience that burst in speed and evasion as well. When another royal is present, all her allies receive the Grace of Grandianiero (All allies' may uncommonly evade critical attacks,) and if all allies are royals, then they all receive Sao Superiority (All allies' attacks are precise, and may be stylish.) 
Bullet; Orange The Sapling Striker (AJB exclusive) Kaida's Jungle Battlesuit is lightweight, and offers additional protection. For every attack that is dealt light damage to Kaida, she is then given a stackable, slight speed boost in her attacks. However, a critical hit on Kaida would lose all of her speed stacks.
Bullet; Orange Super Swinging Strut (VSS exclusive) Kaida's Vineslinger Suit is notoroiusly light, in which it can conversely lead to a higher stun chance. This gives her an uncommon chance to make her deal an additional attack. Rarely, she would act again in another turn. 

    Princess Kaidalina Grandaria is the most dauntless, energetic, and youngest female royal in the Kingdom of Grandianiero. Her role as one of the aspiring Amazonian Vinestrikers (the scout and ranger division of the kingdom,) allows her to enjoy exploring the vast jungles of her kingdom. Equipped with two varieties of suits, and armed with a crossbow cannon or crossbow pistol, she can surely shoot or swing away in Grandianiero, satisfying her characteristics of being a bold and dynamic princess.

MOVESET A: (Agility Jungle Battlesuit)
Bullet; Orange 1.) Blowdart Bonanza - Princess Kaida arms her Canopy Cannonbow to fire three to five darts towards a group of her enemies. These darts can cause a variety of ailments, which include poison, stun, and worst case scenario, internal burns, regardless what material is affected.
Bullet; Orange 2.) Frog Hop - This action is so named for its ability to suppress a target (a plausible guarantee of knockback and diziness,) long before it is able to make a move. Kaida easily perfoms a double-jump, and then dives (boot first) onto the enemy. 
Bullet; Orange 3.) Tropical Takedown - The Canopy Cannonbow is then armed to conduct a brutal firing sequence by harnessing the energy of its environment. It blasts a variety of explosive rounds, which can pierce enemy defense and deals a great deal of damage with foes who have active shields - Each dart casing has biochemical acid, which slowly deals damage to an opponent over time.
Bullet; Orange 4.) Canopy Cannonbow - Namesake for its weapon, this module allows a variety of darts to be loaded with a particular element which does harm to and from the jungle. Albeit unforgiving, this formidable component may be necessary for the defense of the Kingdom of Grandianiero. Because of its destructive potency, all moves listed under this fourth ability, receives a two-round cooldown period. 
    Bullet; Yellow a.) Forest Fire - Burns exceeding 120ºC are shot towards a group of enemies. That same enemy would might as well be lit on fire, dealing extra damage to themselves. If internal burns are present, then this move deals a slightly greater damage to the targets.
    Bullet; Yellow b.) Monsoon Mangle - Calling upon the heavy rains down upon the forest, this dart assures that its targets will have the effect of an intense downpour. This move itself clears existing buffs on the targets, as well as exposing them to biokinetic and electric attacks.
    Bullet; Yellow c.) Daggerleaf Demise - Utilizing razor-sharp leaves, is one way that an enemy can be susceptible to halving the damage of their attack, as well as having stackable bleeding. This bullet has a chance to affect a group of opponents, as it is notoriously accurate.
    Bullet; Yellow d.) Chloroplast Catastrophe - The function of chloroplasts as weapons-grade material, is one of the most fatal components when blasted against a group of opponents. When the chloroplasts come into contact to enemy armor, it does a violent explosion, triggering existing burns. 

MOVESET B: (Vinestriker Speeder Suit)
Bullet; Orange 1.) Sapling Spray - Princess Kaida utilizes her dual Conifer Crosspistols to fire a sequence of three to five bolts onto a group of enemies, dealing light-to-medium damage. When her allies see this move, it inspires them to increase their combat abilities, and be blessed with the jungle essence of Grandaniero.
Bullet; Orange 2.) Timber Toxins - A variety of potions and vials are used to fuel the bolts in the Conifer Crosspistols. It is assured that vials filled with the nectar of the poisonous flora in Grandaniero, will spell a variety of undesirable effects, surely the most common is becoming poisoned.
    Bullet; Yellow a.) Poison Ivy - The vines of the poison ivy are shot towards one target. This target is granted burning sensation, in which it can interrupt enemy actions, and poison them as well.
    Bullet; Yellow b.) Daffodil Fusillade - Utilizing the nectar of a formidable flower, and then shot to an enemy, may give a lot of discomfort to the affected. The target is affected with poisonous disorientation, where the target can often miss their attacks, as well as poison them.
    Bullet; Yellow c.) Privet Injection - Vicious use of the sap of the Privet Tree, is also a worrisome weapon against one enemy. When the target is shot with this ability, they can be affected with adrenaline reduction, therefore slowing down enemy movement, and poisoning them as well.
Bullet; Orange 3.) Swinging Vines - Kaida uses either one of her Conifer Crosspistols to fire a vine grapple towards a tall object, or ceiling. This allows her to jump, swing, and ram a group of enemies, in which it knocks them back, losing balance, and suppressing them, leaving them open for another free attack.
Bullet; Orange 4.) Thunderbreaker Tirade - To rally her fellow allies, Kaida would howl for victory in the jungle. All of her allies are inspired, to the point that their attacks may pierce enemy defense, slightly boost their character stats, or even move again in the same term. The roar is included, and mandatory. A meow is never enough.

A dauntless, vine-swinging profile, brought to you by:
© Studio Cayman, 2014  deviantART 
Redcylff-J, 2011 Guns dont kill people; People kill people! 

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